The Brand


Russian brand of high quality knitwear FREE AGE is addressed to progressive thinking audience. Established and successful man and women confidently looking for new challenges, often choose not the latest trend look, but deep content.

The professionalism and experience of international team from Russia and Japan, modern technological basis of own production, and support of the leading creative consultants the global fashion industry  - all these create a highly competitive product equal to the best world analogues.


In the era of fast fashion and Instagram phenomena and objects, reminiscent of the timeless, eternal values get new particular importance. Among other things knitwear performs as their reflection. This is the clothing that provides you with comfort and a sense of confidence.

Aesthetic basis of knitwear collections is at the junction of the phenomena of complex intellectual fashion and ascetic minimalism. Here natural materials get clean lines and smooth dynamics without burdening the image with unnecessary decor. Here even the most seemingly simple cardigan created of the rarest quality cashmere or mohair yarns will be realized thanks to the innovative Japanese high-tech knitting equipment.

The look or outfit that includes such knitwear has mobility, is able to go beyond the certain dress-code, to set new accents and perfectly complement any set of casual and sophisticated wardrobe.



FREE AGE knitwear collections are created exclusively of selected high quality yarns. The main used  yarns are merino wool, long-staple cotton, cashmere, viscose, yak wool, angora and alpaca, as well as finest silk blends. The brand has partner relationships with the leading manufacturers of yarn from Italy, Mongolia and China, reliable long-term suppliers to a number of world famous brands of the fashion industry. In order to improve the quality and development of product design, FREE AGE team is constantly searching for new ideas, textures, weaves and of course technologies to delight and surprise our clients and partners.



A distinctive feature of knitwear production is its high-technology base, without which it is impossible to provide required size of the batch or stable quality of the product. During the launch phase of the brand the main technological partner was chosen – the Japanese company Shima Seiki, a recognized global leader and innovator in automating the production of knitwear. For FREE AGE this was not only the long-term investments in development but also the guarantee of quality and a step towards recognition by customers and partners. By the beginning of 2018 manufacturing has nearly 20 of latest Shima Seiki knitting machines for all the key types of products, including the accessory group.



The base of each brand is not only a product but also the people. These are the people who enrich collections they create with soul, mood and character, especially in the case of knitwear. Vibrant creative designers, the exact professional modelers, experienced programmers and talented managers, as well as invited experts from Japan, Italy and other countries – their versatility and commitment is reflected in every step on the way of its formation and development of the company. They put their experience, passion, dreams and hopes in every model of each FREE AGE collection.


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